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an innovative non-profit leader with over 20 years of experience, specializing in developing impactful fundraising campaigns and crafting compelling narratives to drive philanthropy and effect social good.

I’m a passionate and innovative leader in the non-profit sector with over 20 years of experience in developing and executing exceptional fundraising campaigns. My journey has been driven by a deep commitment to maximizing the impact of philanthropy for greater social good.

At the heart of my career is my tenure with the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, where I served as the Director of Development. Here, I managed a gift pipeline with annual revenues of over $1 million, directly contributing to the foundation’s goal of raising $10-$18 million annually for cancer research. My role demanded the identification, stewardship, and solicitation of major gifts, which honed my ability to communicate complex medical and scientific information compellingly.

Beyond my roles at UCLA, I have thrived as a Fundraising Copywriter and a Freelance Copywriter. In these capacities, I have worked with various nonprofit organizations, creating persuasive copy for fundraising appeals, grant proposals, and promotional materials. This experience has fine-tuned my ability to tailor messaging to different target audiences, resulting in increased donor engagement and support.

My narrative is one of a dedicated and resourceful professional, adept at turning words into actions and storytelling into impactful philanthropic success. Whether it’s spearheading a year-end fundraising campaign that exceeded targets by 25% or securing a $100,000 grant for a community initiative, I bring a combination of passion, creativity, and strategic insight to every project I undertake.


My Philosophy


Embracing Causes with Personal Significance:

 I focus my writing career on organizations that align with my values, integrating causes close to my heart. This allows me to work with organizations I truly believe in, helping them thrive and provide essential services. For me, it’s about creating a win-win situation where my passion meets my profession.”


Creating Immediate Positive Impact:

My writing aims to have a direct and tangible effect on the non-profits I collaborate with. Whether it’s helping an animal shelter connect with the community or raising funds for crucial projects, I strive to create immediate, rewarding results. It’s fulfilling to see the real-world impact of my work.


Generating a Ripple Effect with My Writing:

I believe in the ‘ripple effect’ of my writing. The words I craft for a project can influence lives and communities far beyond the immediate scope of the work. From fundraising letters that build schools to campaigns that uplift disadvantaged groups, my writing is about creating lasting, positive change.

Your Content is Your Voice

I don’t just write content; I breathe life into your mission with words that resonate. My approach goes beyond mere writing – I channel your organization’s heart and soul into every piece, ensuring your message not only reaches but also deeply connects with your audience. Partner with me, and let’s transform your noble vision into compelling narratives that inspire action and drive your cause forward.”

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